About Us

SHERPA Robotics is the technology and market leader for standardised robot cells for camera-controlled CNC automation. With a team of over 20 robot-enthusiastic employees, we automate turning and milling machines.

Florian Andre, Managing Director

Our mission

We see it as our task to ensure production for metal and plastic machinists in the home market, despite higher personnel costs than in low-wage countries. The focus is on small and medium-sized companies as well as industrial companies.

With the complete spectrum for turning and milling applications, we support not only those with robot experience, but also newcomers to automation and digitalisation. Contact me with specific questions or for a technology exchange and your path into the world of Industry 4.0.

Our values

We define SHERPA Robotics by three values:


SHERPA Robotics was the first manufacturer in the world to integrate camera technology into a standardised CNC automation system for feeding small and medium-sized batches. In order to maintain and expand our lead, we invest over 10% of our costs in research and development every year, for example in new camera generations and machine learning.


Maximum quality is not an end in itself. A flexible, digitalised system must be just as reliable and available as an inflexible, mechanical system. At SHERPA Robotics, we therefore consistently focus our actions on quality targets. We ensure quality through a QM system that prioritises customer satisfaction, carefully plans processes and monitors their execution, and engages competent employees at all levels. Every employee is motivated by personal quality goals.


We are convinced that economic success is only sustainable if it is achieved in a decent manner. For us, respect, honesty and integrity form the basis of every co-operation. We demonstrate this not only in our daily dealings with customers and business partners, but also in our decision to be based in Stuttgart for the long term. We do not give in to the financial temptation of cost advantages in Asia, but develop and manufacture 100% "Made in Germany".

We are also personally committed to success with decency: with university lectures in which we sensitise MBA students to ethical conduct in business; and with sponsorships that promote team spirit and the health of the next generation.

Dr Eike Langenberg, Managing Director

Contact us with specific questions or for a technology exchange and your path into the world of Industry 4.0!