SHERPA [ˈʃɛrpa]

Who we are

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Nomen Est Omen

At extreme altitudes, the weather often changes within minutes, requiring climbers to adjust their daily schedule. Sherpas are the world-renowned masters of adaptation, always showing flexibly vis-à-vis new conditions. SHERPA Robotics, too, is about flexibility, continuity and reliability. As an owner-managed company, we are not interested in short-term success!

Our Vision

The industry of medium-sized contract manufacturing is undergoing profound changes. Non-automated jobs, even small series, are increasingly relocated to Eastern Europe. It is our vision to contribute to a reversal of this trend. The use of camera-based robotics boosts the productivity levels of our home market Western Europe.

Lean more on the industry trends and challenges of mid-sized contract manufacturers (in German).

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Stagnation Means Regression

Robots are like electricity: Although the benefits of electric power for the industry were established, it took decades to develop and align upon the ideal power transmission system. Three-phase power transmission, once generally accepted, became the spark for the electric power revolution. Likewise, it has taken until affordable and intelligent camera technology was available to spark the loading robotic revolution. Only vision systems enable a seamless integration into a world without grid plates and mechanical fixtures.

What We Are Proud Of

SherpaLoader® is the price-performance winner in flexible loading automation. No other standard system is camera-driven, more intuitive to use, and more profitable in small and medium series. We are proud to offer these benefits to our customers.



Automating small and medium series comes with the same requirements for reliability and availability as does the automation of large series. Hence, SHERPA Robotics leverages a regional network of specialized service partners. We constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our customers to reduce production cost, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. Our customers are invited to judge us on how we delivery on this promise.

Ideas realised... 

... later always appear simple, as Wernher von Braun once noted. SHERPA Robotics is built upon 50 years of combined project experience of its three partners – i.e. one machine tool builder, one programmer and one business manager – and its network of 12 experts. Until recently, innovative contract manufacturers used to procure automatic loading systems as individual, customer-specific projects. SherpaLoader® combines the best ideas of such development projects into a standard: proven components, cleverly connected into one smart robot solution.


Highly Dynamic Team

You are an automation enthusiast looking for a new professional challenge? Great! We are constantly expanding our dynamic team and currently search for robotics programmers with solid mechanical skills, sales representatives, service technicians, and administrative support staff. Our company offers competitive benefits and an inspiring culture that puts innovation and customer benefits first.

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