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"For me, certainly the best loading system on the market!"

15 Seconds

Featuring a double gripper, the SherpaLoader® completes each loading/unloading cycle within just 15 seconds. When CNC-machining is in progress, the SherpaLoader® places the unloaded part on the material car, picks up a new one, and waits in front of the CNC machine door for the next cycle to begin.


5 Minutes

In just 5 minutes the SherpaLoader® is set up for a different workpiece type. This is made possible by digital recognition of workpieces, displacing mechanical positioning systems. When changing a workpiece, all you need to do is adjust the gripper fingers. Your SherpaLoader® is up and running again while traditional loading systems are still being adapted.

12 Months

This is how short it takes for a productive SherpaLoader® to pay back its initial investment. With no costly mechanical structures or over-engineered components, each SherpaLoader® increases the spindle time of valuable CNC machines, while costing a fraction of them only.


3.000 Parts

On two SpaceBoxes the SherpaLoader® offers unrivaled space for the supply of workpieces: 12 sqm. This translates into a capacity of over 3000 cylinders or cuboids, randomly placed at a distance of 20 mm. Production runs autonomously over night, an entire weekend, or even holidays.


0% Redundant Workload

Made possible by 3D vision, the SherpaLoader® dispenses with magazines and grid plates. Once loaded on material cars, euro-pallets, or in the SpaceBox, workpieces are not manually handled until the end of the production process. This reduces manual workload, and it increases the ergonomics for CNC operators.


100% Spare Parts Availability

All standard components of the SherpaLoader® are stocked and available for shipment within 48 hours. With the network of authorized service partners, competent assistance is available on-site within a few hours' drive, in the unlikely case that things go wrong.

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