3D Vision System

At the core of the loading automation lies a fully automated 3D camera system SherpaVision®. With its precision of just 0.5 mm, the system digitally detects all workpieces placed on your loading device. So, for any new workpiece or job, you do not have to set up new grid plates or stacking tables; and no time-consuming, complex configuration of the robot programs is required. After all, mechanic magazine automation is costly, and prone to failure.


Intuitive Touch Control

The SherpaLoader® comes ready to use, with teach-in completed and automated routines programmed. Jobs are simply started from intuitive screens on a huge 15-inch touch panel display. You do not need to be a robot specialist to operate the SherpaLoader®, in fact, your existing team can instantly do so.


Money Value Manipulator

Unlike welding or milling applications, robots in CNC automation are idle 70-90% of their work-life. Also, unlike production applications, the track accuracy of a CNC automation robot has zero influence on the accuracy of the final products. With its repeatability  of ±0.06 mm, the SherpaLoader's® HYUNDAI manipulator is perfectly tailored to the requirements of CNC automation.


Universal Gripper

The SherpaLoader® is built to handle all common workpiece dimensions. Its gripper, designed for quick adjustments, holds cylinders and cuboids from 10 to 200 mm, as well as shafts up to 400 mm in length and 12 kg of weight. One SherpaLoader® covers your entire production portfolio.


Laser Sensor

The combination of machine vision and laser sensor measuring ensures a robust recognition of workpieces; and it allows feeding workpieces from any type of material cars and pallets. No milled or form-fitting devices are required, which provides extra flexibility and suitability for everyday use, unmatched by conventional robot systems.


Mobile & Compact

Manipulator and cabinet of the SherpaLoader® are bolted on a mineral cast machine bed. Occupying less than one square meter, the unit is both compact and mobile. With a manual fork lift, you easily move your SherpaLoader® to the CNC machine with the highest capacity load.

Air Blow

For various machining operations and materials, spindle, chuck and workpieces must be regularly blown off. The SherpaLoader® is equipped with a blower nozzle that can be activated/deactivated for specific operations.


Universal Interface

The interface of the SherpaLoader® is compatible with all common CNC lathes and milling machines of all years of construction. Use the same SherpaLoader® to automate existing machines, or to pair it with a brand-new CNC machines from any manufacturer.

Euro Pallet Functionality

The SherpaLoader® unloads finished parts on euro pallets, and it picks up raw material directly from pallets – without special mechanics and at no extra cost. This functionality of both loading and unloading material from standard pallets is a global innovation by SHERPA Robotics.


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