At the core of the loading automation lies SherpaVision®, a fully automated 3D-camera-laser system. With its precision of just 0.5 mm, the system digitally detects all workpieces placed on your loading device. So, for any new workpiece or job, you do not have to set up new grid plates or stacking tables; and no time-consuming, complex configuration of the robot programs is required. After all, mechanic magazine automation is costly, and prone to failure.


Intuitive Touch Control

The SherpaLoader® comes ready to use, with teach-in completed and automated routines programmed. Jobs are simply started from intuitive screens on a huge 15-inch touch panel display. You do not need to be a robot specialist to operate the SherpaLoader®, in fact, your existing team can instantly do so.


Adaptive Grippers

Each SherpaLoader® features two pneumatic grippers: either 3-jaw centric grippers (for round, hexagonal and polygonal cylinders), or 2-jaw parallel gripper (for cuboids and shafts). The grippers are maintenance-free, and they can be adapted using toothed rails for all types of common workpieces.

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Electrical Spindle Drive

The SherpaLoader® automates mechanical vices that would usually be clamped and loosened with a torque wrench. In EasyControl, on the touch panel, torque of the electrical spindle drive is input. This allows automation of machining centers without rotary leadthrough for pneumatic or hydraulic transmission.

Air Blow

For various machining operations and materials, spindle, chuck and workpieces must be regularly blown off. The SherpaLoader® is equipped with a blower nozzle that can be activated/deactivated for specific operations.


Universal Interface

The interface of the SherpaLoader® is compatible with all common CNC lathes and milling machines of all years of construction. Use the same SherpaLoader® to automate existing machines, or to pair it with a brand-new CNC machines from any manufacturer.

Door Automation

CNC machines with manual safety doors SHERPA Robotics typically retrofits with an automatic door drive, mounted on top of the machine. The door drive works with any CNC machine brand, it is maintenance-free, allows for adjustments to the opening/closing speed, and it detects obstacles. Special doors, e.g. round doors, the SherpaLoader® opens and closes with its own gripper.


Remote Maintenance

In case diagnosis and optimization become necessary, service technicians remotely access the SherpaLoader® control systems. Customers benefit from significantly reduced downtime with remote maintenance, and they retain full control at all times. The connection to the remote server is secured by TSL 1.2 and RSA 2048 with asymmetrical key exchange and Perfect Forward Secrecy by Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral Handshake (DHE).

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